Restore Your Home After a Flood

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Just a few inches of floodwater can cause major damage to your home. Water can seep into your floorboards, encourage mold growth and shift your house foundation. If you need to restore your house after flooding, reach out to Colony Home for water damage repair. After a water mitigation company has dried out your home, you can count on us to rebuild it from the ground up.

Get in touch with Colony Home now to schedule water damage repair work for your house. We'll come to your location in the Round Rock, TX area and assess the damage right away.

5 steps to take after a flood damages your home

5 steps to take after a flood damages your home

Before you can get started on your flood damage reconstruction project, you need to first make sure your home in Round Rock, TX is safe for construction. If flooding has affected your area, you should:

  1. Make sure it's safe to return to your home by checking for visible structural damage and utility issues.
  2. Take pictures of the water damage while wearing waterproof boots and clothing.
  3. Contact your insurance company to find out if you're in a zone labeled as a disaster area by FEMA.
  4. Contact a water mitigation company to remove the water, dry out your home and get rid of mold.
  5. Hire Colony Home to rebuild your house once it's cleared by your water mitigation company.

To speak with a catastrophe contractor from Colony Home about your flood damage reconstruction project, call 512-993-1456 now. We'll work with your insurance company to get some or all of your costs covered.